Rompetrol CoGeneration Power Plant

Constanta / Romania

Main Contractor : Calik Energy

Start Date : 02/2022

End Date :

Electrical Scope Of Works

110Kv Switchyard


MV System

LV System

DCS System

Lighting System

Earthing & Lightning System


Fire Alarm System

CCTV and Access System

PAGA System

Heat Tracing System

Rompetrol CoGeneration Power Plant
Rompetrol CoGeneration Power Plant

The Plant will be placed in the area of Rompetrol Refinery, on the ground of the existing “UT Midia” power plant and close to the town of Navodari.

UT Midia is the current supplier of steam to Petromidia Refinery, via the existing steam and power plant located near the refinery.

Petromidia Refinery annual need for power and steam is estimated as follows:

  • 70 MWel of electricity (annual 580,000 MWel)
  • 270 t/h steam (annual steam demand of Petromidia Refinery about
  • 1,220,000 MWth) (with annual average of 90t/h for steam at 36 bar(g) and another 90 t/h for steam at 16 bar (g))

The existing installed UT Midia boilers shall provide the cold reserve for the RPE Plant, in order to cover the steam demand during maintenance periods or unforeseen outages. If required (e.g. in case of a trip and periods of high steam demand in general), the UT Midia boilers of 50 t/h can be utilised in order to be able to meet 100% of the steam demand. The current UT Midia boilers characteristics are:

  • 2 boilers of 50 t/h (each) at 36 bar(g), 400-450°C (CAI 1 and 2) and  
  • 2 boilers of 105 t/h (each) at 16 bar(g), 230-250oC (IMA 2 and 4)

Currently Petromidia Refinery has available about 7,000 Nm³/h of refinery gas/combustion gas (having 85.5 MWh equivalent). It is planned that the COboiler burns about 1,200 Nm³/h of the refinery gas (corresponding to a minimum load of 35t/h steam output). The remaining refinery gas shall be burned in by the HRSGs of the Plant. In case not all refinery gas can be burnt in the HRSGs, then the remaining refinery gas will be burnt as a mix with natural gas by the gas turbines of the RPE Plant.

Mechanical Scope Of Works

Gas Turbine (Siemens SGT-750)



Auxiliary/Closed Cooling Water System

Compressed Air System

Fuel Gas System

Sampling System



Fire Protection System

All Piping Works