To complete every work properly and meet the client expectations while rising a unique high quality level.

To attract and retain intelligent people by providing them a working environment that encourages to realize their potential and increase their creativity.

To uphold the values of the company culture, while being sensitive to and in communication with the other companies cultures.

To enhance the welfare of the community where the company operates.

Berksan Mission Statement


Berksan has accomplished many complex projects around the world. While realizing such projects; Berksan considers this factors to make the job quality and reliable:

  • Acceptable and applicable design
  • Usage of correct and up-to-date material and system
  • Correct installation principles
  • International standards
  • Timely delivery.


Berksan offers sophisticated construction and construction management services considering;

  • Work safety
  • Usage of correct installation techniques
  • Usage of correct installation equipments
  • Usage of expert installation teams
  • Usage of correct and sufficient consumption material
  • Critical path timeline
  • Any kind of support after the installation